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About Us

The Center for the Study of Emerging Markets (CSEM) was created to promote research, education, and the promotion of international trade with emerging markets. CSEM maintain a database at each international location, including funding sources, export-import firms, local and foreign buyers products, and all corresponding contact names and numbers.

CSEM is a non-profit, non-political association that was created in 1998 by Joe Greco Ph.D., professor of International Finance at the College of Business and Economics at California State University, Fullerton. CSEM is committed to forming a network of professionals and service providers to promote the free flow of global information and trade for small and middle-sized enterprises.

CSEM will not just be a referral center but will participate in finding the right service provider or information necessary to ensure successful international trade activity. garage door spring repair cost, openers and full garage door service

About CSEM Affiliate Centers
A CSEM Affiliate Center is positioned in a region that either has a great demand for U.S. products and services and/or has businesses that are looking for expansion into the U.S. market. A CSEM Center will work with local businesses, government agencies, financial institutions, and universities and will provide continuous access to all of CSEM’s services, organizations, and individuals essential for international trade. It is expected that a CSEM Center will be a “one-stop-shop” for world trade; greatly stimulating the economy at each international location.

Headquartered in Southern California CSEM can provide a foreign company with a prime address in the Euro-Pacific hub.

CSEM Database
CSEM offers its members a full spectrum of services and members can access them through any of the Centers around the world. The database is growing daily and contains qualified buyers and sellers, local businesses, law firms, banks, manufacturers, distributors, and other service providers.

CSEM Website
The CSEM website allows access to the valuable database and communication with all the Centers around the world. It will provide up-to-date information on the regions where the Centers are based and where new Centers are being considered. The website will also furnish details on local government regulations, and local market conditions. Market research will also be available upon demand. Finally, the website will contain valuable links to the Centers’ corporate partners who provide services to the Center and its members.

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